Mystic Peacock Jewellery Collection Box

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Gold-hoarding dragons deep in their glistening caves; colorful unicorns prancing through fields, mermaids sparkling and shimmering on their rocks — magical creatures of all kinds are things that everyone daydreams about even knowing we'll never see them. Nature makes up for the imagination of human beings by bringing to life her very own mystical creatures, looking so out of this world that they cannot be real, but certainly are. Peacocks are Mother Nature's own magical works, and with this Mystic Peacock Jewellery Collection, you can celebrate the majesty of a tall peacock fanning and fluttering its rainbow feathers, no matter where in the world you are. Each piece of jewellery in this collection is entirely original and handmade and comes complete with a leaflet on the wonders of peacocks surrounded by gorgeous peacock-themed confetti. They are all neatly organised inside of a beautiful hand-painted peacock-themed box, which makes this a perfect gift for anyone you know who love peacocks.

  • Whimsical peacock-themed jewellery box collection
  • Includes one-of-a-kind handmade peacock jewellery
  • Complete with an entertaining and informative leaflet on peacocks
  • Stored inside of a beautiful, hand-painted peacock box

Key features:

  • Super lightweight polymer clay for your comfort
  • Artistically inspired design sculpted by hand to match your favourite bird
  • Unique one-of-a-kind jewellery that starts conversations
  • Limited availability
  • A full experience


  • £4 UK
  • £8 - 10 worldwide