Coral Drops

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The Jewellery is inspired by the underwater settings teeming with life. Though we, as humans, spend a lot of time topside, there is a wonderful world waiting beneath the swells of the ocean waiting for us to explore. Extravagant marine life bursting with color and life awaits in the coral reefs, playing host to a world of intriguing animals, plants and liveliness all waiting to be discovered. In this exclusive dominion, coral is the queen and sets the stage for all of the rest of life to take place around it. With this Coral Jewellery, you can take a deep dive down to the Great Barrier Reef just by wearing these earrings.

  • Hand sculpted coral from polymer clay
  • Stainless steel stud

Key features:

  • Super lightweight polymer clay for your comfort
  • Artistically inspired design sculpted by hand to match your favourite natural wonder
  • Unique one-of-a-kind jewellery that starts conversations
  • Limited availability
  • The perfect gift for an ocean lover
  • £4 UK
  • £8 - 10 worldwide

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