Meet the artist behind the handcrafted jewellery

Sofia (me) holding an orange up to her eye wearing the orange jewellery

Why wear boring jewellery when you can wear small pieces of art? That was exactly my thought. Growing up in Crete, a Greek island, I was always busy with being creative. I loved painting, knitting, and jewellery making. After graduating university, I missed a way to express my creativity. That was the moment when No More Boring Jewellery came to life and I was able to combine painting with jewellery making.

By creating unique pieces with polymer clay, I can express my own creativity and help my customers do the same.

I specially design each piece after hours of prototyping. I want to make sure the story behind them is well represented with each unique colour combination, shape and details.


Annotated design drawing of the blueberry earrings and a metal stud to be used in creation


When the design is ready, the jewellery is created in small batches at my home, using polymer clay and stainless steel accessories. Polymer clay is a light weight malleable material that makes even the bigger jewellery comfortable to wear. Once the clay is baked it becomes hardened, durable and is also waterproof. Lastly, some pieces will require additional hand painting and sealing.


Many of the orange earrings in-the-making on the table